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AeroForce Tech Interceptor OBDC2 Scan Gauges Price: $249.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix
- 2004-2008 Grand Prix
- 1997-2004 Regal
- 2000-current Monte Carlo
- 2000-current Impala

Now offering dual-gauge kits!! See details below.

The Interceptor is a 2 1/16" gauge that reads, displays, and records any two of up to 28** important engine operating parameters. These parameters are typically accessed via a scan tool. Scan tools plug into the OBD2 port (diagnostic port located under the dash) and display critical data necessary for performance tuning and problem diagnosis. The Interceptor also reads and clears DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

You can choose between 4 different color combinations, which have reversible background/text colors:
A. white/black with black face (see A above)
B. blue/black with black face (see B above)
C. red/black with black face (see C above)
D. red/black with optional white face (see D above)

Some examples of these parameters are:
- engine RPM
- Knock Retard
- Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
- Injector Pulse Width
- Turbo or Supercharger Boost Pressure
- Fuel Trims
- O2 sensor values
- and many, MANY more...

This gauge will keep you interior looking tight, no bulky laptop, PDA or unsightly cables to look at. Once installed, the Interceptor will enhance the appearance of your vehicle's interior, rather than detract from it.

How does it work?
The Interceptor can be run by itself or in tandem with another Interceptor. The Interceptor initially scans the vehicle for parameters that match those stored in the unit. This process takes approximately 3-4 seconds. It then displays any two user chosen parameters on a backlit LCD screen. There are two switches, one for each field, that allow the user to toggle through these parameters. The display is updated up to 20 times per second, ensuring that you will not miss any important data. A menu screen is available that enables you to record data, replay the recorded data, view any stored trouble codes, clear these codes, invert the display colors, or return to the normal real time scan function. The Interceptor automatically powers down when the vehicle is turned off and stores the current display configuration. This allows the unit to return to the same screen once the vehicle is restarted.

** The actual number of available parameters will vary depending on the manufacturer's specifications for that vehicle.

Dual-gauge Kit: we now offer the Aeroforce Interceptor Gauges in a dual-gauge kit. This kit comes with 2 identical gauges plus a custom wiring harness that will connect both of the gauges to your vehicle. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to install two gauges, you must select this option below.

Currently the Interceptor will interface with any gasoline powered 1996 and up GM and Isuzu car or light truck that is OBD2 compliant. Known exceptions are the 2005+ Pontiac G6, 5.3L v8 FWD cars such as the 2005+ Grand Prix GXP, and LS2-powered cars such as the 2005+ GTO, which all use the new CAN bus.

For more technical information about these gauges, click here!!

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