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BMR Fabrication F-Body Subframe Connectors Price: $154.99
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- 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
- 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

Reduce chassis flex to a minimum and increase your handling capabilities with a set of BMR Subframe Connectors. These weld-in subframe connectors fit the 1998-2002 F-Bodies and will work with all aftermarket exhaust systems. All mounting plates are made from either 3/16" or 1/4" laser cut plates for the ultimate in strength.

We offer all 3 versions of the BMR Subframe Connectors:
- Boxed connectors use 2" square tubing
- Tubular connectors use 1-5/8" roll cage tubing
- Convertible connectors use 1-5/8" roll cage tubing and laser cut 1/4" weld plates. While GM attempted to reinforce the convertible's floorpan with formed sheetmetal, nothing increases chassis rigidity like a pair of subframe connectors. These subframe connectors will change the "feel" of your convertible!

These are available standard in your color choice of red or black powdercoat.

Boxed vs. Tubular connectors: Which one do I choose?
- While you can't go wrong with either design, use the following to determine your order: If strength is your number one priority, choose the boxed design. Boxed tubing is torsionally stronger than round tubing however you will lose approximately 3/4" of ground clearance when using this style. If your car is lowered and ground clearance is the prime concern, go with the tubular model. While round tubing is not as strong torsionally, there are other features to these subframe connectors that make them more rigid than most other tubular models available.

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