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Storefront >> Engine Components >> Caspers Electronics Hi-Speed Fan Switch Kit

Caspers Electronics Hi-Speed Fan Switch Kit Price: $119.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix
- 1997-current Regal
- 1997-current Bonneville
- 2000-current Monte Carlo SS

Caspers Electronics Hi-Speed Fan Switch Kit feature a plug-and-play fan harness which overrides the PCM to manually control the coolant fans. Cooler engines produce more HP, and this fan kit gives you complete control from within your car.

This kit includes sealed OEM relays, factory OEM wiring and connectors, plug-and-play operation, with no wires to cut! A small switch mounted in the passenger compartment allows instant high speed fan override. A flashing LED near the switch indicates operation for instant confirmation.

- Install instructions for the 1997-2003 Grand Prix, 1997-99 Regal, and 2001-current Regal can be found here (215KB download).
- Install instructions for the 2000 Regal can be found here (73KB download).

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