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Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit Price: $3,099.99
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(Additional images of the kit can be found here)

Flat-Rate UPS Ground Shipping Rate: $100.00

- 1997-2006 Grand Prix GT
- 1997-2006 Grand Prix GTP
- 1997.5-2003 Regal LS
- 1997.5-2004 Regal GS
- 2000-2005 Monte Carlo SS
- 2000-2005 Impala SS
JUST ADDED!!- 2004 Monte Carlo SS
JUST ADDED!!- 2004 Monte Carlo Supercharged SS
JUST ADDED!!- 2000-2003 Impala LS
JUST ADDED!!- 2004 Impala LS
JUST ADDED!!- 2004 Impala SS

3800 Performance is very excited to introduce the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit, the first turbo kit on the market for the 3800 powered vehicles. These kits are now shipping for TEN DIFFERENT MODEL TRIMS!!

The Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kits are offered for several naturally-aspirated 3800 L36 vehicles AND 3800 L67 supercharged vehicles with our Conversion Kit which allows the turbo kit to adapt to the supercharged motor (more details below). We have also just recently added the option for Cartuning Performance's Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit (more details below)!

The Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit has been in the works for the past 18 months, being extensively researched, developed, tested, and tuned. This kit wasn't just thrown together, and it shows! The kits come COMPLETE with everything needed, with expected installation time of less than 6 hours. The vehicle does not get modified in any way that does not allow it to go back to completely stock. All factory parts remain perfectly in tact with no cutting or modifications to the drivetrain or exhaust!

Now what everyone is wanting to know... on a completely stock L36 vehicle (which makes 160 HP on the dyno, 200 HP to the crank), the Cartuning Performance Stage 1 Turbo Kit makes 280 HP to the wheels and over 300 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. That is 350 HP to the crank, which is a 150 HP gain over stock!! How's that for one day's worth of work? The Stage 1 Kit is completely streetable, and is suitable for customers that want to bolt-on a turbo kit to a stock L36 vehicle that has little to no modifications and wants an exciting daily driver without having to modify it for months and months (sometime years!) only to get minimal performance gains. The Stage 1's turbo is good for up to 425 crank HP with additional supportive mods.

This is only the beginning though...

- For those needing more, you can upgrade the Stage 1 turbo to a custom-built Precision Turbo unit, which is capable of producing up to 700 crank HP!!

- A Stage 2 Kit is also being developed, for those customers that want to take their vehicles much further in the future, or that already have numerous mods that support more breathing. The stage 2 is currently being tested, but yet to be dyno tested. More info is forthcoming.

- Also coming VERY soon Now Available, GTP/GS Conversion Kit!! See details and pics here.

- Also coming soon Now Available, is the add-on front mount intercooler kit which will be a direct bolt on and will allow you to safely increase turbo boost for MORE horsepower! See details and pics here.

List of 3800 Turbo Kit Components:
  • T04-B P trim Garrett turbo
  • Turbonetics EVO wastegates w/ multiple psi settings
  • Monza blow off valve (BOV)
  • Custom-made stainless steel exhaust crossover assembly - mates perfectly to STOCK exhaust manifolds or WPI Ported Exhaust Manifolds (coming soon)
  • Custom-made mandrel bend tig-welded 2.5" stainless steel downpipe with u-bend removal
  • Carsound high flow catalytic Converter - outlet bolts DIRECTLY to the STOCK exhaust system, Borla Exhaust, DynoMax Exhaust, or SLP Exhaust Systems
  • Custom-made stainless steel intake pipe
  • Brand new flow-matched Lucas/Delphi 42.5 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • Custom Reprogrammed PCM... Cartuning Performance exclusively uses the DHP Powrtuner to make their awesome horsepower!
    (NOTE: a $100 core-charge is added and is refunded upon return of your stock PCM)
  • AN fitting oil lines, oil “T”, custom adaptor for oil return
  • 3-ply silicone connectors
  • Silicone hose (for connection to wastegate, BOV)
  • K&N valve cover breather
  • High-flow air filter with custom fenderwell intake setup
  • 4 T-bolt band clamps (stainless steel)
  • All required bolts, nuts, and washers (stainless steel)
  • O2 sensor plug for original o2 location
  • All gaskets for mating surfaces
  • PCV modification hardware and specialized tools
  • Full instruction set on CD-ROM
  • 180 deg. Thermostat
  • 2 range colder spark plugs
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADE - upgrade to a PT-61 custom built turbo (Precision Turbo – good for 700 HP) for an additional $349
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADE - upgrade to a 2000-degree ceramic coating on the crossover, upper and lower downpipe, intake pipe, AND turbo turbine for an additional $179
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADE - upgrade the kit to add the Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit for an additional $1050
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADE - add a boost controller for an additional $80


We have been getting several emails each day asking to see more images of the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit. We have created a "Media Page" that has large images of the kit, a dyno video of a stock GT making 296 wheel horsepower, and a video clip of a GT making a 12-second pass at the dragstrip! Click here!

We now have available a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that addresses several questions that have been asked. Click here to read the FAQ. We will continue to update this FAQ as more repeated questions are asked.

For any other questions you may have related to the turbo kit, please email turbos@3800performance.com to get all the specific details answered.

Now available!! GTP/GS Conversion Kit for the 3800 Turbo Kit
Make the Turbo Kit work perfectly on a supercharged L67 Grand Prix GTP and Regal GS by providing a supercharger housing block off plate, gaskets, and extra hardware for just $99!! Here are images of the Conversion Kit on our GTP test mule below, and be sure to also check out our Media Page for videos of a GTP running back-to-back 11-second passes at the dragstrip with this kit and the new Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit! Click here!

Now available!! Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit for the 3800 Turbo Kit
Here is an image of the Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit installed on the 3800 Turbo Kit and we also have links to large installed images to show off the IC Kit and a link to a new Media Page with all the information, specs, and additional images showing the new pieces of the kit below:

>> Large Image 1 of Turbo Kit with IC Kit
>> Large Image 2 of Turbo Kit with IC Kit
>> Media Page for Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit Images/Details/Specs.

Orders shipped to the USA will be subject to brokerage fees because this item ships from Canada.

Select Vehicle

Select Year

Enter VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Upgrade to PT-61 Precision Turbo

Upgrade to Ceramic Coated Piping

Add Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit

Add Boost Controller

Add Exhaust Cutout

PCM Core Charge
Add $100.00 refundable core charge


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