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Cartuning Performance Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit Price: $1,099.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix GT with the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit
- 1997-2003 Grand Prix GTP with the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit
- 1997.5-2003 Regal LS with the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit
- 1997.5-2003 Regal GS with the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit
- 2000-current Monte Carlo SS with the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit
Coming VERY Soon - 2004-current Grand Prix
Coming VERY Soon - 2000-current Impala
Coming Soon - 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
Coming Soon - 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

3800 Performance is very excited to introduce the Cartuning Performance Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit for the CTP 3800 Turbo Kit. The intercooler kit is currently available and is NOW SHIPPING!!

The Cartuning Performance Air-to-Air Intercooler unit is completely custom, made exclusively for Cartuning Performance. Both endtanks were engineered specifically for the 3800 Turbo Kit. The unique inlet endtank was specially-designed to ensure that the air deflects off the endtank wall and moves all the way up to flow through ALL the rows for maximum cooling. Other designs that have straight-in inlets do not take advantage all of the cooling rows, greatly reducing it's potential for maximum heat exchange of the intake air charge.

Cartuning Performance Air-to-Air Intercooler specifications:
- 2.0" inlet
- 2.5" outlet
- 24.0" wide
- 8.0" tall = this is the maximum height without blocking any of the core with the front bumper support
- 3.5" thick = a full 1" thicker than similar kits!

NOTE: this image is of a last-revision prototype intercooler

(click preview image for larger view)

Below are images showing various angles of the new CNC mandrel-bent piping going to/from the turbo and intercooler. The upper piping which resides in the engine bay, comes standard with a shiny ceramic coating to eliminate any heatsoak. Meanwhile, the lower piping is powder-coated a glossy black for extra durability under the vehicle. The inlet to the intercooler and the entire lower section of the inlet piping was designed to sit directly behind the plastic air deflector for added protection.

The bright orange "bump hoses" flex to absorb the movement from the engine so that there is no stress placed upon the intercooler mounts. The custom all-silicone 4-ply adapter mates the 2.5" intercooler outlet piping to the inlet of the throttle body. There is a full 3" of the larger diameter portion of the silicone adapter so the intake charge flows into the adapter and creates a "pocket" of air before reaching the throttle body, to ensure that the intake charge blows fully through the mass air flow (MAF) sensor.

(click preview images for larger view)


The Intercooler Kit comes complete with the new coated inlet and outlet piping, stainless steel clamps, bump hoses, silicone adapter, mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

Cartuning Performance also offers and HIGHLY RECOMMENDS with the IC Kit, an optional Turbonetics Manual Boost Controller. More detailed information is forthcoming.

- this product page is for the Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit ONLY. This product is an add-on to the existing Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit, which can be found here!

Image of the Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit installed on the 3800 Turbo Kit (click on image for large version):

- Our test GTP ran back-to-back 11-second passes at the drag strip with the Turbo Kit, GTP Conversion Kit, Air-to-Air IC Kit, and minimal other modifications! Details can be found HERE!

- We have installed the Turbo Kit, GTP Conversion Kit, and Air-to-Air IC Kit onto a bone-stock 2004 Grand Prix GTP Comp-G for testing, and were able to dyno it to over 400 HP to the wheels!! Details can be found HERE!

Option: Add Optional Turbonetics Manual Boost Controller


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