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   1997-03 Grand Prix GT
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Storefront >> Cooling System/Fuel System >> Meziere Enterprises Electric Water Pump

Meziere Enterprises Electric Water Pump Price: $399.99
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- 1997-current Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-current Grand Prix GT
- 1997-2004 Regal GS
- 1998-2003 Bonneville SSEi
- 2000-current Monte Carlo SS
- 2000-current Impala
- 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
- 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

The Meziere Electric Water Pump will reduce operating temperature of your engine during idle, stop and go traffic, and general in city driving. Testing wth a 180? thermostat show a consistent 185? system teperature on a 100?+ day with the air conditioning on full while running wide open throttle!**

Normal highway operating temps will be similar to stock. At the same time it will free up approx 7 engine HP at 6k rpm. Dyno gains compared to stock begin around 4k rpm and will increase as your RPM goes up. This means that gains will be increased on cars with raised rev limiters and shift points over the 7HP advertised.

Another great feature of this kit for racing is track cool down. Run the pump with the car off and cool your engine down close to ambient within minutes!

We include a relay harness that allows simple installation and runs the pump anytime the ignition is on. This harness also includes a second connection which will run the pump anytime the fans are running if you purchase the optional TechEdge Fan Switch Harness. With this optional harness, your DHP PCM will run the pump for 2 minutes with the fans after you turn off the car off.

- Fully CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
- Works with GM Dexcool
- Efficient direct drive electric motor draws only 9 amps
- Light weight: complete unit weighs only 4.3 pounds
- Available in polished, gloss black anodize or red anodize
- Retains all factory features such as heater setup
- 35 GPM free flowing rating
- Suitable for street use - 2500 hour life expectancy (about 100k miles of typical driving)

The picture below compares the factory pump vanes to the Meziere vanes. You can see the Meziere has CNC machined vanes over 3 times the size of factory vanes. This is the key to greatly improved cooling performance at low engine speeds.

Image of water pump installed**

** Special thanks to Dave Anderson for use of his testing results and images.

- We also now offer as an option below, a 4" shorter Gatorback Accessory Belt that is needed now that you have removed the water pump pulley from the belt routing.

Select Water Pump Color

Add TechEdge Fan Switch Harness

Add shorter Gatorback Accessory Belt


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