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MSP Polyurethane Upper Motor Mounts Price: $74.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix
- 2004-2008 Grand Prix
- 1997-2004 Regal
- 2000-2005 Monte Carlo
- 2000-2005 Impala

They're finally back, and better than ever!! IN STOCK AND NOW SHIPPING!!

After 8 months of R&D and thorough testing, the MSP “TBv2” Upper Polyurethane Motor Mounts are finally here. The MSP TBv2's use a 3-piece design for the motor mount; this was done so that 2 different durometers of casted polyurethane could be used. The center piece is the same high-durometer as the first version, and are now casted to the same exact shape of the bracket to easily slide in by hand. This durometer was found to be the perfect sweet-spot of very firm, but not dashboard-jarring. The first versions have been on cars with aggressive cams and numerous suspension mods for over 2 years now, and no steering wheel vibrations are to be found. The outside pieces are a very solid polyurethane, to hold up to the left/right stress of lateral movement and to form a solid “sandwich” for the center piece, which handles all the front/back stress from the engine. By designing them to be physically separate from each other, each piece remains isolated for maximium performance. The MSP TBv2's minimize engine movement and provide more positive driver-feedback.

MSP continues to use the same casting process of the highest of quality polyurethane. Using a casting process ensures tight tolerances of the measurements for a perfect fit. And the glossy black finish speaks for itself... you will not find a better-made motor mount anywhere else! Stainless Steel tubing continues to be used in the center for long-term corrosion resistance. Each end is countersunk to ensure a smooth edge for easy installation.

These polyurethane motor mounts replace your mushy stock rubber upper motor mount bushings in the radiator brackets. The stock rubber bushings allow excessive movement of your engine under acceleration, which results in torque loss to the wheels.

As you can see in the picture below, the stock bushings are made from a soft rubber material, and they also have a large portion of the bushing missing so the engine can “float”. This provides for a cushioned ride which is fine for stock, but not desired for the driving enthusiast.

Stock motor mount bushing

MSP “TBv2” Polyurethane Upper Motor Mount assembled

In addition to the performance enhancements, the MSP “TBv2” Motor Mounts also provide several other features that make them a great upgrade to your modified car:

- By reducing the movement on the engine, wear on the LOWER motor mounts is significantly reduced. The lower motor mounts have had to be replaced on several modified cars and on high-mileage cars. Over time, the massive amounts of torque from the L36 and L67 engine takes its toll on the lower motor mounts. Replacement of these lower mounts is costly, due to the fact that the engine has to be lifted up, or held in place as the engine cradle is dropped. This replacement can be costly and is not something the “weekend mechanic” in their garage can do.

- By reducing the movement on the engine, the large movement that the header downpipe experiences with factory motor mounts is also greatly reduced. This has been known to cause rubbing/smacking into the swaybar (both the stock and aftermarket sway bars). This contact can contribute to FALSE Knock Sensor readings. The PCM can misinterpret this false reading and reduce the timing/power, resulting in a significant performance loss.

- This product improves the feel of your transmission shifts. For shift kit owners, you can possibly decrease the maximum setting on your shift kit now, and still retain the same exciting feel. By decreasing the shift kit setting, you will also decrease your chances of a potential transmission failure.

- Less engine movement = MORE Torque to the wheels!!

ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS: Click here to view detailed step-by-step instructions of the MSP “TBv2” Polyurethane Upper Motor Mounts installation.


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