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PCM for Impala v1.0 Price: $124.99
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- 2000-2005 Impala LS
- 2000-2005 Impala SS

Developed with the average 3800 enthusiast in mind, this calibration has been designed and dynamometer tested and proven for the following vehicle modifications installed:
- Cold air induction system (brand not applicable)
- Cat-back exhaust system (brand not applicable)
- Premium fuel (91+ octane)*

- Although the PCM calibration is designed for the above mods, it will also show a definite increase in performance on a stock SS.
- Additional modifications beyond what were used on the test vehicle may be used with caution. More radical modifications (such as camshaft changes and head porting, etc.) should consult with Digital Horsepower Inc. technical assistance first.

*NOTE: Premium fuel IS recommended.

- Speed limiter removed
- 3-1 and 4-2 skip shifts
- Transmission line pressure increased
- Shift points moved (5800-6000rpms)
- Fan turn on points altered:
    - 186 degree turn on
    - 2 minute fan on at key-off (this feature activates when engine coolant is 179 degrees or greater)
- MAF calibration adjusted for proper operation and year
- Fuel/spark adjustments:
    - En-richens fuel delivery for critical problem areas
    - Provides a consistent power gain across the entire power band
    - Reduces spark retard (knock retard)
    - Removes “40MPH WOT lag”
    - Dynamometer testing has shown approximately 8-12HP in 60 degree temperatures on a development vehicle using 93 octane fuel.

Click here for details on the Security Relearn Procedure for the Chevrolet Impala PCM's.

- The Model Year and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car are required information that needs to be filled in at the bottom.

- A core charge will be placed on this product. The core charge is 100% refundable with the return of your original working PCM within 14 days of receiving your v1.0 PCM. If your core is not returned within 14 days, your refunded core charge is forfeited.
Your core MUST be shipped via UPS or FedEx ONLY, and must have a “No Signature Required” release on it to avoid delays in your refund.

- You also have the option of keeping your core, and the core charge will be added to your total.

- We now have the option to forego the core charge and the customer can ship us their PCM to be reprogrammed. You will still need to print out and fill in the same core return form above when mailing us your PCM.

By installing this Power Control Module (hereto known as “PCM”), you, the consumer, are agreeing to the following conditions:

1.) This product is intended for off road use only.

2.) Xtreme Performance Inc. does NOT warranty the durability/longevity/effect of the PCM on any portion of the consumer?s vehicle. This includes but is not limited to:
    a. Any and/all engine components
    b. Wiring
    c. Emissions
    d. Engine failures
    e. Loss of vehicle control
    f. Instrumentation inaccuracies
    g. Transmission failures
    h. Factory warranty claims.
    i. PCM hardware and/or related wiring

3.) While PCM's products undergo considerable testing, all liability and any possible issues arising are implied to be at the consumer?s expense.

4.) Xtreme Performance Inc. will NOT be held responsible for any liability/detrimental effects/expenses that occur from installing the PCM.

5.) Returned PCMs for service/upgrades MUST have the following:
    a. Copy of original receipt
6.) Xtreme Performance Inc. provides no expressed warranty for items advertised and/or sold. Products are sold on an “as is” basis. User incurred damage to included software (i.e. in the event of dealer reflash/etc), a per incident fee plus s/h will be charged to restore PCM to sold condition. NOTE: Item 6 must be adhered to for item to be serviced.

Placing your Full Name and Today's Date below acts as your signature that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer above.
Enter Full Name for Disclaimer

Your Impala Model Year

Enter your Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN)

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