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Power Slot Cadmium Plated Rotors Price: $169.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix
- 1997-current Regal GS
- 2000-current Monte Carlo
- 2000-current Impala
- 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
- 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

Heat is the primary cause of ineffective brakes due to fade. There is actually a ?boundary layer÷ of gases that builds up between the pad and rotor surface which inhibits performance. Power Slot rotors make a big difference with their exclusive Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor that ?wipe÷ brake pads clean, evacuates gases, and sheds heat. The slot designs of Power Slot rotors are angled to use the rotors? direction of rotation to enhance performance. This makes them side specific with left side (driver?s) and right side (passenger?s) rotors.

The final touch to these rotors is a military-spec cadmium plating that gives Power Slot rotors their bright silver finish and protects the rotor from the elements. This eliminates rusty rotor syndrome and enhances the look of custom wheels. Note that the portion of the plating where the brake pad touches the rotor will be removed as soon as you brake, but the rotor “hat” and outside edges and heat fins will REMAIN plated and rust-free.

A combination of Power Slot rotors and a high performance brake pad (Power Slot recommends Hawk Performance brake pads, which we also sell individually or as a combo with the rotors) will provide superior reliable braking for virtually all automotive and truck applications.

We offer the following Power Slot rotors:
- stock-replacement 11” front rotors for the Grand Prix and Regal
- upgraded 12” front rotors (12” OEM caliper brackets MUST also be purchased) for the Grand Prix and Regal
- stock-replacement 12” front rotors for the Monte Carlo and Impala
- stock-replacement 12” front rotors for the V6 Camaro and V6 Firebird
- stock-replacement rear rotors for the Grand Prix, Regal, Monte Carlo, Impala, V6 Camaro, and V6 Firebird

Save up to $39.99 on the full rotor package when compared to purchasing these at their individual prices and shipping/handling!

Select Model Year

Select Which Rotors

Add 12" Caliper Brackets
for Grand Prix or Regal


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