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Rollmaster Roller Timing Sets Price: $149.99
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- 1997-2008 Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-2008 Grand Prix GT
- 1997-2004 Regal GS
- 1997-2003 Bonneville SSEi
- 2000-2005 Monte Carlo SS
- 2000-2005 Impala
- 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
- 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

These sets feature the finest quality high tensile German made seamless roller chain, precision machined single piece billet crank and cam sprockets, and nine position cam timing adjustability via multiple keyways on the crank sprocket (+/- 8 degrees in 2 degree increments). Roller timing chains are far stronger then the factory chain and offer less friction, which adds up to accurate timing and more power. They are virtually immune to stretch, even with the heaviest load valve springs, and most aggressive of cam profiles.

The adjustable timing allows you to tune your cam timing for better peak power, or better low end torque.
IMPORTANT NOTE: it is very important to check piston to valve clearances when changing cam timing. Failure to do so may result in serious engine damage.

The single row set is a direct drop in replacement for the factory timing set. Simply remove the factory crank and cam sprockets, with the chain, transfer the cam positioner magnet from the factory cam sprocket to the new roller sprocket, and install the new timing set. You should always replace the cam chain tensioner when installing a new timing chain (offered below as an option).

The double row set is designed ONLY for engines with the balance shaft removed (which requires plugging an oil feed hole on the rear side of the engine) or disabled (by removing the balance shaft gear). This set has a much tighter fit, so the timing chain tensioner is no longer used. We have found many engines that have had aggressive cams with high load valve springs installed, typically have their timing chain tensioners break after a short period of time, causing cam timing to become inaccurate, and debris to fall into the engine. By eliminating the tensioner, another weak link has been removed.

Single Roller Timing Chain with new GM cam chain tensioner (left) vs. Double Roller Timing Chain (right):

Timing Set Weight Comparison

Weight (Grams)

Balance Shaft Drive Sprocket (Grams)

Balance Shaft Driven Sprocket (Grams)

Balance Shaft (Grams)

Cam Position Magnet (Grams) TOTAL (Grams)



209 2268 6 3783
Single Row Roller


396 209 2268 6 3753
Double Row Roller


--- --- --- 6 1320

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