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Thrasher Engineered Performance Race Cam Price: $349.99
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- 1997-current Grand Prix GTP
- 1998-current Regal GS
- 1997-current Bonneville SSEi
- 1997-current L67-powered vehicles

The Thrasher Race Cam is is the most aggressive aftermarket cam available on the market. For those looking for the biggest gains attainable, your search stops here. It's design has powered Pontiac's project car Spirit of Bonneville to a world-record for being the first front wheel drive production car to exceed 200 miles per hour, with 202.524mph!!

TEP Race Cam Specs:
- Duration at .050 = 222 degree intake/222 degree exhaust
- Intake Lift = .354 (.566 lift with stock 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
- Exhaust Lift = .354 (.566 lift with stock 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
- Lobe Separation = 114.0

Being that this is the most aggressive cam possible, it is not for everyone. This is not a mild cam by any means. You CAN however, run this cam with stock heads if you purchase the TEP Cam Install Kit. This kit is specifically designed for those of you that decide to keep your cylinder heads stock. The TEP Cam Install Kit allows for up to a .595” lift... well above the .566” lift of the TEP Race Cam. The install kit consists of specially-modified LS1 retainers, 130 lb. Comp Cam High Load Valvesprings, and custom valve seals.

For those of you with modified cylinder heads, or plan to have your cylinder heads modified at the same time as the cam install, all you will need to have done is have the valve guides machined down .100”.

Image of the TEP Cam Install Kit for Stock Heads:

- Installation of this cam can be done without removing the engine. By lowering the passenger-side subframe, you have access to the cam via the passenger wheelwell.

- The high lift of this cam creates the need for a higher spring pressure, stronger pushrods, and stronger retainers. For that reason, you MUST use aftermarket valvesprings, pushrods, and retainers. For those of you that are purchasing the TEP Cam Install Kit for Stock Heads, the only additional item you will need are the pushrods. We sell Comp Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods in our Engine section. See the bottom of this page for a direct link to them. For those with modified heads, you can purchase the Comp Cams retainers (in steel or titanium) and Comp Cams 130 lb. High Load Valvesprings in our Engine section too.

- As with any other high lift aftermarket cam, this cam produces a very prominent cam lope while idling. Because of this, your PCM (the car's computer) interprets the cam lope as misfires when your car sits idling for long periods of time. The PCM will set the SES light in your instrument cluster with a DTC of P0300 “Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected”. Your car is NOT actually misfiring, but your PCM thinks it is and sets the light. Your car will NOT experience any negative performance if this code is set. We can have your PCM custom reprogrammed to eliminate this code from setting. Please email us for additional information and special pricing.

TEP Cam Install Kit for Stock Heads
Yes, I will need this kit for my stock heads (add $300.00)
No, my modified heads have the valve guide machined down .100"


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