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ZEX Dry Nitrous Kit Price: $534.99
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- 1997-2003 Grand Prix GT
- 1997-2003 Grand Prix GTP***
- 1997-2004 Regal GS***
- 1996-2003 Bonneville SSEi***
- 2000-current Monte Carlo SS
- 2004-current Monte Carlo SS Supercharged***
- 2000-current Impala LS
- 2004-current Impala SS***
- 1998-2002 V6 Camaro
- 1998-2002 V6 Firebird

ZEX has designed the ultimate “Smart” Nitrous System. The ZEX Dry Nitrous Kit uses their patented fuel control technology, which reads the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the fuel enrichment accordingly. Changes in outside temperatures change the pressure within the nitrous bottle. So on a cool day, the pressure is lower and therefore the system will add less fuel enrichment. Conversely, on a hot day, bottle pressure will increase and so the system will add additional fuel to compensate. This unique feature ensures that you always have the optimum ratio of nitrous and fuel... never too rich, never too lean. The results are maximum power and equally important, maximum safety!

The brain of the nitrous system is the ZEX? Nitrous Management Unit. All major components of the nitrous system like the solenoids and sensors are contained inside the NMU, which means under your hood stays looking good. You won't have any unsightly solenoids or wiring scattered all throughout your engine compartment, which is another safety concern solved.

ZEX Nitrous Kits only activate when you hit full throttle. This means you can sit at the line with the system armed and your hands on the steering wheel. When you hit full throttle, the nitrous automatically kicks in, you don't have to fumble with switches and steering at the same time. When you let off the throttle, the nitrous shuts off. Our difference in approach results in more horsepower per nitrous used through all bottle pressures.

For those owners with supercharged vehicles, we also offer the Thrasher Nitrous Oxide Installation Kit. We highly recommend this spacer with it's threaded port, as it allows installation of the nitrous jet behind the throttle body, so nitrous is not sprayed onto the MAF sensor. Select option below and save $5 off regular retail price.

The ZEX Dry Nitrous Kit comes complete with everything you see below:

  • ZEX Nitrous Management Unit (NMU)
  • ZEX 15amp Power Arming Switch With Cover
  • ZEX Nitrous Supply Bottle (standard in purple color, with option to upgrade to polished) and Control Head
  • ZEX Nitrous Nozzle with 3 different flow jets for 55hp, 65hp, or 75hp
  • 1 tall bottle bracket
  • 1 short bottle bracket
  • 2 ft. of -3AN stainless steel braided nitrous delivery line
  • 15 ft. of -4AN stainless steel braided nitrous delivery line
  • 2 ft. vacuum hoses and clamps - (2)
  • Nozzle bulkhead fitting
  • Tap for cutting threads into the air intake
  • Wire taps - (2)
  • Barrel connector
  • Spade connector
  • Ring Terminal
  • Black cable ties - (10)
  • Grommets - (2)
  • Printed installation manual with pictures
  • All mounting screws, bolts, nuts, & washers
We also offer ZEX accessories to complete your Dry Nitrous Kit:
  • ZEX Bottle Warmer:
    - automatically maintains optimum bottle pressure with precision thermostats
    - has velcro straps for fast and easy installation on the bottle
    - electrical components are pre-assembled and molded into the heater for ease of installation

  • ZEX Remote Bottle Valve Opener:
    - allows you to open the valve from the driver's seat at a moment's notice

Add ZEX Bottle Warmer to order (add $119.99)

Add ZEX Polished Bottle (add $85.00)

Add ZEX Remote Bottle Valve Opener (add $229.99)

Thrasher Nitrous Oxide Install Kit - Supercharged motors only (add $99.99)

Add ZEX Purge Kit (add $129.99)


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