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- 1997-2008 Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-2008 Grand Prix GT
- 1996-2004 Regal
- 1996-2005 Bonneville
- 1998-2005 Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo SS
- 2000-2005 Impala and Impala SS
- 1998-2002 Camaro and Firebird with 3800 Engine

We offer 1.70:1, 1.80:1, and 1.90:1 High Ratio Modified Rocker Arms for your supercharged 3800 (L67) and naturally-aspirated 3800 (L36) vehicles in a complete bolt-on kit. Expect to see typical gains with the 1.90:1 ratio of 20-25HP to the wheels on a mildly-modified L67 car that has a smaller supercharger pulley, intake, and exhaust work done to it. Expect to see typical gains with the 1.90:1 ratio of 10-15HP to the wheels on a mildly-modified L36 car that has intake and exhaust work done to it.

These Rockers are the original GM stock L36/L67 rocker arms that came in your vehicle from the factory, then the pushrod seat gets welded in using hardened steel welding rod. This insures an extremely durable surface for longer wear. Precise detail in craftsmanship on this step is a must, to ensure there are no weld voids (tiny airpockets) in the filler.

Once the stock pushrod seat is welded in, the rocker arm is then secured to a custom-designed rocker arm fixture (see below) that secures the rocker arm in place on the mill. A new pushrod seat is then drilled using a special carbide drill bit for the cleanest, smoothest results possible. Another carbide bit is then used to drill the oil feed hole into the new pushrod seat for exact OEM results. The stock rocker arm pedestals are also machined to allow proper pushrod clearance with the modified rocker arms.

The Modifed Rocker Arms come complete with everything you need for installation:
- 12 modified rocker arms
- 2 modified rocker arm pedestals
- assembly lubricant
- complete installation instructions

- Typical installation can be done with normal hand tools in 2-5 hours. Special attention must be taken when installing your rocker arms. A torque wrench is required to properly torque down the rocker arm bolts to exact specifications. If you do not own or cannot borrow a torque wrench, or feel uncomfortable performing this installation, it is HIGHLY recommended that an automotive professional perform the installation using our install instructions.

- A $100.00 core charge will be placed on this product. The core charge is 100% refundable with the return of your complete set of stock rocker arms and pedestals.

- These Modified Rocker Arms carry a lifetime warranty against any defects in materials and/or workmanship. The warranty provides for replacement rocker arm(s) only, and does not cover labor or any additional costs.

- For additional rocker arm ratios, please email us here for details.

- We highly recommend the GM LS6 Valvesprings with these high ratio rocker arms. See the "Related Products" link below.

Rocker Arms Core Charge
Add $100.00 refundable core charge

Select Engine Type

Select Rocker Arm Ratio

Add Install Kit (Valve Cover Gaskets + Rocker Bolts)


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