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Storefront >> Electronics/Batteries >> Optima RedTop Starter Battery

Optima RedTop Starter Battery Price: $189.99
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Optima RedTop Batteries are a pure starting battery. With 750 Cold Cranking Amps and 980 Maximum Cranking Amps, there is no better starting battery for your car.

With both top posts and GM style side terminals on the battery, you can hook up your existing stock wiring harnesses like you do to your stock battery, and also have easy access for aftermarket power battery connectors.
*NOTE: owners with stock windshield washer fluid reservoirs over their stock battery should measure for clearance.

- Inside an Optima battery is a six-pack of SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY½. Traditional batteries have a stack of thick lead plates surrounded by acid. But OPTIMA½ batteries feature two thin lead plates wound into a tight spiral cell, with an absorbent glass-mat in between to hold the electrolyte solution.This unique design allows for more power and increased energy, resulting in quick, reliable starts. OPTIMA batteries are the first and only batteries to feature SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY.

- It'll last up to 3 times longer than other batteries.

- It can sit unused 3 times longer than other batteries.

- It is 15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries. Vibration and jarring, whether from off-road use or major potholes, can kill a traditional battery. The tightly wound construction in OPTIMA batteries minimize plate movement and subsequent damage caused by harsh conditions - extending battery life.

- Because of its completely sealed case, OPTIMA batteries are extremely safe and corrosion resistant. Acid can't leak or spill, making them clean, user-friendly and environmentally sound. In addition, the maintenance free sealed case design eliminates the need to add water or clean terminals.

- OPTIMA batteries are leak proof, so they can be mounted anyplace inside a vehicle in almost any position.

- It provides constant performance quality keeping your battery running at the same level even as it's being discharged.

- CCA (at 0 degrees F.) = 800 amps
- MCA (at 32 degrees F.) = 980 amps
- Length = 10”
- Width = 6.8”
- Height = 7.8” (height at the top of the top posts)
- Weight = 38.8 lbs.

To read Optima's FAQ about their batteries and SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY, click here.


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