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- We continue to keep adding new products!! Today we add three more products from two new companies: MAP Engineering Throttle Body Spacers, MAP Engineering Throttle Body Heat Shield,and PRJ Performance Ignition Wires. Find all three products in our Engine section.

- We are having a sale on our two SLP "Loudmouth" Exhaust Systems.  Save $25 on the "Loudmouth" System with dual/dual tips, and $50 on the "Loudmouth" System with 3.5" slash tips.

- We are very happy to introduce two more exciting new products to our ever-growing lineup:

    Thrasher Engineered Performance Race Cam - the most aggressive cam offered for the 3800 motor is finally available to purchase online! Thrasher also offers a Cam Install Kit for Stock Heads, for those that want to run this cam with stock cylinder heads.  See ALL the info and grind specs of this cam and the install kit details, in our Engine section.

   SLP Performance Parts Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms and Pushrods Package - SLP has just released an exciting new package and we have it first!! Available now and in stock ready to ship, the SLP Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms are constructed of high-strength T6 aluminum and feature a roller trunnion and tip that significantly reduce valvetrain friction over the stock steel units. Best of all, no valve cover modifications! Offered in a 1.80:1 ratio, these come with custom pushrods and completely new, custom rocker arm pedestals. SLP tops it off by having their logo and the ratio stamped on the side of each rocker arm! Check them out in our Engine section.

- We are extremely excited to introduce the C-YA Racing Limited Slip Differential to our store!!  Researched, developed, and extensively tested for over a year by one of the 3800 Aftermarket "Pioneers", Mike Dye, this LSD is being offered to our customers in 2 versions:
1.) the Do-It-Yourself kit that is affordable and eliminates core charges and sending your stock unit back
2.) the Plug-n-Play version that is built for you ahead of time and ready for you to swap with your stock unit.  A refundable core charge is added.

Look for the C-YA Racing Limited Slip Differential in our Transmission section.

- We have unleashed a full lineup of Comp Cams products to give you the very best possible selection available!  Comp Cams is the World Leader In Automotive Valve Train Technology. Comp Cams stands alone in their accomplishments and product offerings to the motorsports world. From NASCAR™, NHRA™, IHRA™, NMRA™ and other championships to powerhouse street vehicles, Comp Cams offers the best camshafts and valve train products in the industry!! Now Available:

    Comp Cams Xtreme Energy L67 Cam 1
    Comp Cams Xtreme Energy L36 Cam 1
    Comp Cams Xtreme Energy L36 Cam 2
    Comp Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods
    Comp Cams High Load 105 lb. Valvesprings
    Comp Cams High Load 130 lb. Valvesprings
    Comp Cams Valvespring Steel Retainers
    Comp Cams Valvespring Titanium Retainers

- Are your headers a little bit louder than they used to be? It may be the crossover pipe donut gaskets leaking. We now offer The Other Guys Headers Replacement Metal Donut Gaskets. You'll find them in our Exhaust section.

- We also now have available AutoTap ODB II Diagnostic Scanner in the GM version and the Universal version. Look for it in our Electronics section.

- We are currently offering FREE Shipping/Handling on The Other Guys Headers, $729.99 shipped to your door!! This is for a limited time only, so take advantage of this great deal now.

- The MSP "Torque Buster" Polyurethane Upper Motor Mounts are now back in stock in large quantities and ready to ship! Now available in our Engine section.

- The MSP "Signature Series" Exhaust System is temporarily out-of-stock. Look for an all-new redesigned system in Stainless Steel in the coming months.

- We now have available the Random Technology Hi-Flow Cat/U-bend Replacement for those with T.O.G. Headers. This unit welds directly up to the T.O.G.'s high-quality flexpipe and comes with your choice of a 2.5" or 3" outlet flange size.

- We are very excited to announce the brand-new ASCD "High Output" Ram Air Hood!! Fully-functional ram-air inlets that channel off to the driver-side fenderwell area to mate to an aftermarket ram-air airbox such as the MSP or SLP Cold Air Induction. All fiberglass design that uses the exact same underside as ASCD's SD hood. Now available in our Interior/Exterior section.

- New products added:
      BlazerTech 3200 Driving Lights
      MSP Stainless Steel Custom BlazerTech Brackets

- New products added:
      BMR Fabrication Sway Bars
      BMR Fabrication Strut Tower Braces

- New product added:
      MSP "Torque Buster" Polyurethane Upper Motor Mounts

- New products added:
      Eibach Pro-Kit Revised Lowering Springs
      KYB GR-2 Replacement Struts
      Design Engineering, Inc. Protect-A-Boots

- We now offer Optima Batteries at incredible prices! We offer both the RedTop or YellowTop battery in our PCMs/Electronics section.

- From the originators of the aftermarket supercharger pulley, Thrasher Engineered Performance introduces their Modular Pulley System. This hub-pulley system is specifically designed for those enthusiasts that want to be able to adjust their boost levels in a matter of minutes, by allowing you to swap between 4 different pulley sizes onto either a press-fit or Magnuson keyed hub. Now available in our Pulleys section.

- You waited, we delivered....Digital Horsepower Inc. version 1.0 PCMs are now available in our PCMs/Electronics section!

- We now offer The Other Guys Headers with their Titanium Ceramic Coating on them.

- The Digital Horsepower, Inc. logo contest has ended. Click here to view the top 3 logos.

- Digital Horsepower, Inc. have started a logo contest for all of you to participate in!! The winner will receive a production Digital HP version 1.0 PCM for a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP!! Click here for all the rules/information. Act fast, the contest ends on Friday 4/12/2002.

- MotorSports Performance Competition 4T65E Transmission Pans are now being offered in our Transmission section.

- Digital Horsepower PCM Update:
Digital HP has been testing its 1998-01 GTP and Buick code in various beta vehicles daily now for several weeks. They have much of the drivability code completed and are now working to complete performance calibration for cars with basic modifications like 3.4" pulleys cold air kits, etc.  Also, 1997 GTP and Regal code is in place, and 1997-current GT code is next.   They have also modified 1997 code to run a Supercharged 3800 on a 4T60E car! (THINK ENGINE SWAP FOR YOUR GT's!)  This week they are dynamometer testing 1997-current Supercharged calibrations and will hopefully have some number to report by early next week.  Stay tuned here for the very latest.

- 3800performance.com has been chosen as the first distributor of Digital Performance, Inc. Custom PCM products.  PCM's for 1998-current Grand Prix GTP's and Buick Regal GS should be available in 3-4 weeks. For full detailed information on this announcement, click here.

- 3800performance.com goes LIVE. Welcome to our website.

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