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We now have available MDM Front Grille Badges for 2004 GP's, MDM Grand Prix Trunklid Mats for 2004 GP's, MDM Monte Carlo Trunklid Mats, and a larger selection of MDM Grand Prix Trunklid Mats for 1997-03 GP's.

We are now taking advanced orders on the highly-anticipated MAP Engineering Intercooler System! We expect the first systems to be shipping by the end of November.

Read all about the MAP Engineering Intercooler System in our 1997-03 Grand Prix and Regal "Engine" section. Be sure to also check out the Advanced Topics document which includes thermal modeling of the IC intake core!!

Current Special!! Purchase a set of SLP Coated Exhaust Headers, and we will include the SLP High-Flow Catalytic Converter for FREE!! That it a savings of $195!! We have them in-stock and ready to ship!! Offer expires 11/15/03.

We also have new sales going on. Check out the "Current Sale" section for details.

We have finally finished up our page dedicated to the dyno result of the Comp Cams Xtreme Energy L67 Cam 1 that we offer. Special thanks to our customer Luan Zeqollari for the excellent "testbed" that allowed for a true, accurate comparison.

How does 34.6 HP and 17.9 TQ gain to the wheels sound!!?? You can read all about it here!!

Our 2004 Grand Prix product lineup is now active!!

We have added several new products to our lineup this week:
  • Caspers Electronics Hi-Speed Fan Switch Kit
  • B+G Sport Lowering Springs
  • MDM Grand Prix Trunklid Mats
  • MDM Front Grille Badge

In stock and now shipping, we now have Ram Air Tech Hi-Polished Billet Aluminum Engine Supports.

MSP "Torque Buster v2" Polyurethane Upper Motor Mounts are now available and shipping!!

Back in stock in large quantities and now shipping, our second batch of SLP Performance Parts Coated Exhaust Headers arrived today, and we have lots of them!! We have already shipped out our "waiting list" orders and still have many sets available for immediate shipping.

Additional close-up pictures of the individual components that make up the SLP Performance Part Coated Exhaust Headers system can be seen here. Special thanks goes out to Luan Zeqollari for taking these crystal-clear images!

Digital Horsepower Inc. has introduced two new offerings of their Reprogrammed PCM. Now available, the DHP v1.0 PCM for Regal GS and DHP v1.0 PCM for Monte Carlo SS.

- In stock and now shipping, our batch of SLP Performance Parts Coated Exhaust Headers arrived to us yesterday afternoon, and we have already shipped out all of our pre-orders! We have just a few remaining sets left, so if you are considering being one of the first to have SLP Headers, decide soon as most of our first shipment are already gone.

- Welcome back to the all-new, completely redesigned 3800performance.com!! As GM continues to expand their 3800-powered vehicle lineup, we continue to make improvements and enhancements to our website to accommodate these new cars. We have created an all-new navigation structure to better enhance your shopping experience. You can now shop our secure online store on a car-by-car basis. We hope that you will find this more helpful as we surpass 150+ products available and many more on the way!!

So what's new besides the improved look and feel? How's 33 brand new products including 6 all-new GTP Performance Packages, details on 4 new future products, and 4 current sale items sound? We have also added an entire section dedicated to the information, modifications, timeslips, and dyno charts on the Thrasher "Cage Car" GTP.

Here is the list of all of the new products introduced over the past two weeks:
  • PRJ Performance Aluminum Fuel Rails Kit
  • Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • I Win Engineering 1.90:1 Ratio Modified Rocker Arms
  • Ram Air Tech Hi-Polished Billet Aluminum Side Supports
  • Ram Air Tech Hi-Polished Aluminum Heat Shield
  • Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • DynoMax Super Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Hawk Performance HPS Brake Pads
  • Power Slot Cadmium Plated Rotors
  • Braking Performance Package for the Grand Prix & Regal
  • Braking Performance Package for the Monte Carlo & Impala
  • Braking Performance Package for the V6 Camaro & V6 Firebird
  • BMR Fabrication Tubular Trailing Arms
  • BMR Fabrication Adjustable Forward Lateral Arms
  • BMR Fabrication Adjustable Rear Lateral Arms
  • BMR Fabrication Complete Handling Package
  • GTP Performance Package 1
  • GTP Performance Package 2
  • GTP Performance Package 3
  • GTP Performance Package 4
  • GTP Performance Package 5
  • GTP Performance Package 6
  • Random Technology 3" Off-Road Pipe
  • Caspers Electronics Rear O2 Simulator
  • S&B High Flow Cone Air Filter
  • GM Fuel Filter
  • GM Transmission Filter
  • GM Cam Installation Kit
  • AutoLite Copper Core Spark Plugs
  • AutoLite Double Platinum Spark Plugs
  • NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
  • NGK Race Spark Plugs
  • Street Scene Brushed Aluminum Grilles

- Now available, Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Lifters. These stock-replacement lifters stay "pumped up" with oil the proper way, to prevent bleeding off at higher RPM's, which will maximize your power potential. A perfect compliment for aftermarket cams/valvesprings. You will find these in our Engine section.

- GM unveiled this week at the 2003 Chicago Auto Show, two more supercharged 3800 vehicles: the 2004 Chevrolet Impala SS and Monte Carlo Supercharged SS. Both vehicles will use the same powertrain as the current Grand Prix GTP, Regal GS, and Bonneville SSEi, which means you can look forward to 3800performance.com supporting these vehicles with only the very best products available.

- We now offer Diamond Racing Coated and Uncoated Forged Pistons. Diamond Racing is regarded as one of the very best manufacturers of aftermarket race pistons. We have created a very detailed "write-up" in our product description that should help explain the potential problems associated with the stock pistons when heavily modifying your car, and will help you make an educated decision on this type of specialized modification. You can find the Diamond Racing Forged Pistons in our Engine section.

- SLP has contacted 3800Performance and officially gave us confirmed price structures, full product information and options, and shipment estimates. We expect to receive our first shipment of SLP Exhaust Headers by early spring.  More information and options can be found in our Exhaust section.

- SLP has released an all-new Ram Air Hood. Check it out in our Interior/Exterior section.

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