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Happy Holidays from 3800 Performance! Our new product for this Monday comes from a new vendor that we now carry, Pacific Accessory Corporation (a.k.a. PAC Audio). Today we add the PAC SWI-X Steering Wheel Controls Interface. With this product, you can control your aftermarket head unit with the factory steering wheel controls!

We will be continuing to add several more products from PAC Audio during the next several weeks, including their new iPod Integration Interface, which will allow you to hook your iPod up to your factory stereo! You can find the SWI-X Steering Wheel Controls Interface under our "Electronics/Batteries" category, or click here for direct link.

New Product Monday! Today we introduce the SLP "GSX" Cat-Back Exhaust System for your 1997-2004 Buick Regal! You can now add the look and performance that SLP offered on their GSX conversion package.

New Product Monday! We now offer the new ASCD Cowl Hood for your 1997-2003 Grand Prix! Heads will turn when you drive up with this aggressive-looking fiberglass hood!

New Product Monday! Today we introduce the SLP Silver 10-Spoke Wheels for the Grand Prix Regal, Monte Carlo, and Impala vehicles. These 17"x7" wheels have the exact bolt pattern and offset for a perfect look and enhanced performance!

New Product Monday! Digital Horsepower Inc. has been VERY busy and has tremendously added to their lineup! We now offer the DHP PowrTuner Reprogramming Kit for the 2004 Grand Prix's (all trims), and all Regal's, all Impala's, all Monte Carlo's, and the V6 Camaro/Firebird!!

But wait, it gets better... DHP now also adds a 2nd vehicle of your choice to your PowrTuner for FREE! You can now reprogram two vehicles for the price of one. You may select your 2nd vehicle from a spreadsheet of 345 different GM model/trim/year combinations!

New Product Monday! Today we add to our Digital Horsepower Inc. lineup! We now offer v1.0 Reprogrammed PCM's for the 2003-2004 Impala LS, 2004 Impala SS, 2003-2004 Monte Carlo SS, and 2004 Monte Carlo Supercharged SS. And DHP isn't done there... look for additional vehicles in the coming weeks!

Cartuning Performance GTP test mule runs 11's!! We now have videos of a GTP running the Cartuning Performance Turbo Kit with GTP Conversion Kit and a prototype of the forthcoming add-on Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit!

The GTP ran with the following additional modifications:
- 1.90:1 ratio rocker arms
- 3" exhaust cat-back exhaust
- 2.5" exhaust cutout
- Limited Slip Differential (although it didn't help much on those particular runs)
- slicks
- fenderwell air induction system
- NO weight reduction other than spare tire removal (also note that the driver weighed 260lbs!)

We have videos of two different 11-second passes. The first one is a 8 MB in size, and the second is 11 MB in size, both in Windows Media Video format. Please right-click and "Save As...".

11.94@117 VIDEO    and    11.97@116 VIDEO

New Product Monday! Today we add a few new products from Grand Design. We now offer MDM Impala Trunklids and Monte Carlo Head Rest Wraps. Give your car a unique look with some added interior accessories!

New Product Monday! Today we introduce the WPI Ported Exhaust Manifolds! Great for those folks who may not want or need full headers, and a PERFECT performance compliment to those who have purchased the Cartuning Performance Turbo Kit.

We now have available for viewing, the dyno graph image of the Cartuning Performance Turbo Kit making 296 WHP. We also have a downloadable movie of a test GTP with the Turbo Conversion Kit installed going 12.80 @ 106mph!! Click here to load our Cartuning Performance Turbo Kit page with all the info, images, and movies.

New Product Monday! Today we introduce the 2004+ Grand Prix SLP Ram Air Hood and re-introduce the 1997-2003 Grand Prix SLP GTX Ram Air Hood. Fully-functional with dual air inlets, these hoods mate up to ram air intake systems. SLP has seen up to 10 additional horsepower when combined with their cold air intake.

Both hoods are made from a lightweight composite material, and come prepped and primed and ready for paint.

We are committed to offering the latest and greatest products for you 3800-powered vehicle. From now until the first of the year, we will be launching at least one new product every single Monday. On "New Product Monday", we may release one, two, three, four? new products. Some small, some really big...

We started this past week off by offering the Digital Horsepower Inc. PowrTuner Reprogramming Kit, and for this Monday we introduce the Hypertech Power Programmer III. Gain 16+ wheel horsepower on your Monte Carlo LS/SS, Impala LS, and Regal LS!! Gain 11+ wheel horsepower on your 2001+ Regal GS and 2004+ supercharged Monte Carlo and Impala SS!!

We continue to make the best even better! 3800 Performance has a new look and feel, better navigation, and a completely overhauled, upgraded storefront with the very latest software and tons of custom modules. Here's a quick overview of the changes we've made to enhance your shopping experience:
  • freshened up the 3800 Performance logo
  • freshened up our layout and the navigation throughout
  • all new graphics and images throughout
  • no more frames! no more 2nd window during checkout!
  • each product category now breaks down into vehicle-specific subcategories
  • newly-added categories to further organize our 180+ products
  • added an advanced UPS module to provide real-time shipping estimates
  • added a shopping cart "running subtotal" display to keep track of your current order
  • added a global shipping rates display for you to check shipping costs while you shop
  • custom dual-column category layout to show more products on the screen at one time
  • custom product layout design

  • 10.20.2004
    Now Available! The Digital Horsepower Inc. PowrTuner Reprogramming Kit is here and ready for those customers wanting the finest reprogramming and scanning hardware/software package on the market.

    The current release, v1.1.7, now offers the first interface available that supports Analog-to-Digital Conversion for all of your scanning needs! Analog-to-Digital conversion support in the hardware to allow you to connect things such as wideband O2 sensors and extra Air Temp or Coolant Temp sensors for things such as your intercooler or turbo setup. v1.1.7 gives you analog-to-digital conversion for up to 3 sensors!

    You can find the DHP PowrTuner for the 1997-2003 3.1L, 3.8L, and 3.8L SC Grand Prix's under our "Reprogrammed PCM's" category.

    We now have PRODUCTION images of the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit! Click here to view the images AND a dyno video of a stock GT making 296 wheel horsepower!

    We've been extremely busy, but thought we should make a quick update for everyone...
    The Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kits are shipping out, and we have also updated the product page with info and pictures of the GTP Conversion Kit! The kit is now available and the pictures are of a test mule which will be heading to the track very soon! Click here for all the details.

    We have been getting several emails each day asking to see more images of the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit, so we have have released a few PRE-PRODUCTION images. Click here.

    We started off the 4th of July weekend with a huge product announcement. Why not another one at the end of the holiday weekend? 3800 Performance is now taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated WPI Northstar Throttle Body Conversion Kit! These kits are expected to be shipping out by 7/19/04. For full details on this high-performance product, click here.

    Due to the overwhelming interest in the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit, we now have available a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that addresses several questions that have been asked. Click here to read the FAQ. We will continue to update this FAQ as more repeated questions are asked.

    We wanted to start the July 4th weekend out with a BANG! So today, 3800 Performance is extremely excited to announce the Cartuning Performance 3800 Turbo Kit for immediate pre-ordering!! Kits are expected to be shipping out by 8/1/04 for the
    1997-2003 Grand Prix GT and Regal LS models. Monte Carlo, Impala, and V6 Camaro/Firebird kits will be coming soon.

    For full details on the first turbo kit on the market for the 3800 powered vehicles, click here to read the product description. You can pre-order this kit TODAY in the Grand Prix and Regal "Engine" category.

    We have made updates to our Cold Air Induction lineup:

    - we now offer the Thrasher Engineered Performance Cold Air Induction Kit for the 2004 Grand Prix GT, GTP, and Comp G.

    - we now offer 2 additional options to our MotorSports Performance CAI and Thrasher CAI Kits:
    • add the Intake Air Temperature Extension Harness for a truer, lower air temperature. A lower air temperature means the car's PCM will allow more ignition timing for increased horsepower!
    • upgrade the cone air filter to an S&B Power Stack Filter with the inverted top which allows air to enter straight into the filter for maximum flow! THIS OPTION COMING SOON

    Today's new introduction are the GM Series III L32 Powdered Metal Connecting Rods. Not only are we offering the set of 6 rods at the lowest price on the net, but also offering them at a reduced price when adding them on to your purchase of Diamond Racing Forged Pistons!

    We are introducing enhancements to some of our popular high-horsepower products:
    - WPI now puts brand-new SC housing bearings into every one of their WPI Ported Superchargers
    - The Other Guys Headers now offer show-car quality Silver Ceramic Coating for their exhaust headers

    Today we introduce two new products for our highly-modified 3800 customers:
    - 3800 Performance Xtreme Exhaust Headers
    - Meziere Enterprises Electric Water Pump

    This is just the start of new products... look for 3800 Performance to start rolling out new products quite regularly all summer long!!

    Digital Horsepower, Inc., the most popular, most successful aftermarket PCM tuners for 3800 vehicles, have lowered their prices on all of their PCM's to $214.99!!

    Three new products... first off, the PRJ Performance Gen2 L67 and L32 Fuel Rails Kit are now available. Agressively priced much lower than the Gen1 kit, but with the same high-quality custom pieces and strict standards that made the first generation so successful.

    We also now offer the Hella "Angel Eyes" Driving Lights. These lights are a dramatic improvement over the stock fog lights, with a concentrated beam in the center, and a BMW-like "halo" glow around the edge.

    We now offer Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System for the 2004 Grand Prix!

    We continue to keep the products coming!! Today we introduce 13 more products!!

    - Thrasher Engineered Performance Race Transmission
    - Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines Kit
    - SLP GTX Gen2 Spoiler
    - SLP GTX 17" Chrome Wheels
    - SLP GTX Chrome Exhaust Tips
    - AutoMeter C2 Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Cobalt Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Lunar Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Phantom Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Sport-Comp Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Ultra-Lite Series Gauges
    - AutoMeter Z-Series Gauges

    We have close-up images of the MAP Engineering Intercooler System intake core, which can be found here!!
    The MAP Engineering Intercooler System is NOW SHIPPING!!

    3800 Performance is preparing for a big 2004!! Today we introduce 4 new products, with 13 more coming next next week!!
    And we aren't stopping there... look for a large selection of new wheels coming within the month also. Today, we are introducing these new products to our lineup:

    - ZEX Dry Nitrous Kit
    - PRJ Performance L32 Aluminum Fuel Rails Kit
    - Rollmaster Single and Double Roller Timing Sets
    - TRENZ Front Grille Inserts

    3800 Performance is very excited to now exclusively offer WPI Ported and Polished Superchargers! We offer 3 different designs to suit ALL levels of our customers' supercharged vehicles:

    - WPI Competition Supercharger
    - WPI Xtreme Supercharger
    - WPI Xtreme IC Supercharger

    Look for these units in our "Pulleys/Pulley Systems" section!

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