MSP PCM Tray Install Instructions

1.) Before you even begin the installation, remove the Negative lead of the Battery!! Be Safe!

2.) Remove the factory Air Cleaner and the Factory Air Inlet duct from the Throttle Body to the Air Cleaner. On '97-'98 model years, also remove the factory coolant bottle.

3.) Disconnect the PCM from the Factory Wiring Harnesses by loosening the (2) 8mm bolts that are built into the harnesses and lay the PCM aside.

4.) First remove the Strut to Radiator Brace (3) 13 mm bolts.

5.) Optional - Headlight Removal. This step is NOT absolutely necessary! But... it does make access to the front PCM Tray screws easier! This practice at Headlight removal also prepares you for Track events! The MSP CAI system works VERY well at the track with the Headlight Removed!

- Remove the (2) 10mm bolts on top of the headlight
- Pull the headlight outward from the vehicle, towards the side of vehicle, and then forward.
- Disconnect the single wire harness connector, then lay headlight aside.

6.) Below is a view of the Driver side inner fender shelf looking at it from the center of the car to the driver-side fenderwell. The PCM Tray attaches here. Place the (3) rubber grommets from the supplied hardware kit into the shelf as shown. Install the grommets DRY - we don't want them to slip out during the next step!

7.) Remove the Lid from the PCM Tray using the supplied 5/64" Allen wrench. Locate the PCM Tray (with the lid removed) over the grommets. The holes in the PCM Tray should match the grommet locations. If not, you used the wrong holes! Using hot soapy water, push the supplied plastic pins through the Tray and into the grommets. Push SLOWLY -- we don't want to push the grommets out!

8.) You may need to loosen the bracket holding the A/C drier and push it downward about 1/2" to ensure clearance of your PCM connectors. Try a trial fit of your PCM to verify. Once you are sure that the PCM connectors clear the A/C dryer, finish the PCM install. Attach the connectors to your PCM. There is a BLUE and a WHITE connector.

OPTIONAL: You may use the supplied VELCRO tape to attach the bottom of your PCM to the PCM tray.

Attach the lid to the PCM tray using the supplied screws and 5/64" Allen wrench. The front lid screws are easily accessed through the headlight cut-out. CAUTION: Take care to NOT cross thread the screws! Start the screws with very light torque -- do not overtighten!

9.) The last step is to reconnect everything:

- Reconnect the headlight (don't forget to reconnect the headlight wiring harness before installing the headlight)
- Reconnect Strut to Radiator Brace
- Reconnect the negative lead of the Battery